Solving the mysteries of human disease …

rogram take a common set of core courses that  includes advanced courses in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.  These courses will provide you with fundamental knowledge essential for research in the biomedical sciences.  Ms. Ansley Roberts will assist you in registering for these courses prior to the fall and spring semesters of your first year in the program.  PhD programs at the University of South Carolina require at least sixty hours of credit beyond the BS degree.  Additional elective courses will be required after the student joins a specific department to meet this requirement.  These courses will be determined after advisement with the student’s mentor and may vary depending upon the student’s research interests and career goals.

Fall Semester Year 1

  • BIOL 711/ CHEM 751 – Nucleic Acids (3 hours)
  • BIOL 717/ CHEM 753 – Biochemistry (3 hours)
  • BMSC 706 – Ethics in Research (2 hours)
  • BMSC 700 – Interdisciplinary Laboratory (1 hour)

Spring Semester Year 1

  • BIOL 718 – Metabolism (3 hours)
  • BIOL 714 – Cell Biology (3 hours)