Application Instructions

The University of South Carolina uses an online application system that can be accessed using the link to the right (Electronic Application) or through the USC Graduate School website There are several items that you should pay particular attention to in the application process:

  • The university has several bio-related programs (biological sciences, biomedical engineering, etc). Please be sure to select the appropriate program (Biomedical Science MS or Biomedical Science PhD).
  • It is important that we know the research areas in the biomedical sciences that interest you. After you have looked at the pages describing faculty research on the respective departmental sites, please indicate in the application, which research areas interest you and professors with whom you would like to work if admitted to the program. We need this information in order to set up interviews with the appropriate faculty. You will be under no obligation to work with these professors if you are admitted since it is in the first year that new students choose a research mentor.
  • Your Personal Statement is very valuable to us. It allows us to evaluate whether our program is a good match for you. Please describe your past research experiences (including publications and presentations), your career goals and how you think this program will help you attain these goals.
  • Please send any paper copies of materials (recommendation letters, etc) directly to Ms. Ansley Roberts at: Graduate Office, Building 3, University of South Carolina, School of Medicine, 6439 Garner’s Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209.